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Red Brick Research Asks is Facebook Dead?

In recent months Facebook has been the subject of debate. Some have suggested that Facebook is losing its appeal with the younger generation. While others have claimed that Facebook is still very much in demand.

The 'death' of Facebook debate has not been ignored here at Red Brick Research. We certainly all have our own views on Facebook's strengths and weaknesses.

In our latest blog we attempt to understand the debate so far and highlight where we think Facebook's future lies. @redbrickteam at Red Brick Reasearch

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Red Brick Research: The 2015 Millennial Majority Workforce Study

Global Millennials Study for Elance and oDesk

Exciting news!! We have recently conducted a global millennials project for Elance and oDesk on millennials at work. 

The research has revealed a number of exciting key findings: 

- 79% of millennials say they would “consider quitting their regular job and working for themselves” in the future.

- Nearly seven out of ten (68%) hiring managers say millennials have skills prior generations do not.

- Nearly two-thirds of millennials expect to stay in their job fewer than three years 

- Millennials are a 'Start-up Generation'

Read More about the project here and see the Results Deck for more interesting revelations. The guys at Upstart have also released a Podcast on the research. @tomcannon1 at Red Brick Research

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